Wierd Al Shut Down By Lady Ga-Ga

lady gagaAfter insisting she actually hear the finished version of what would be her new hit single parody, Ms. GaGa decided she wouldn't give the go ahead after all. Poor Al writes about it here, and for posterity, posts the song up on youtube. We at the village have now decided we don't like Lady GaGa so much... but then, I think we were actually born that way.

[Update]: According to new news, the whole "she doesn't like my song thing" was all the fault of a sneaky little manager who never even bothered to inform Ms. GaGo that there was a parody to consider. But we at the village press know that it was simply a case of poor foresight on Lady Gaga's part. She just didn't consider or realize what the public fallout would be, and after a quick conference, it was decided that the poor little manager would take the fall before things got out of hand.


  1. That's exactly what I thought originally with the Lady Gaga thing ... but actually, I think it was much more intelligent than that. Any press is good press... the original "she doesn't like my song" made everybody go listen to the song, thus making it popular before it even gets burned or released with the album. She then blames it on the manager, thereby making her look angelic and wonderful, which in turn, makes everybody go buy/listen to more of her music. Makes sense, right?

  2. Good point and you may be right. A similar though had occurred to me, only I was wondering if it was Weird Al that was trying to generate press... I didn't actually realize Lady Gaga hadn't released the song on record yet. So your explanation is actually making a lot of sense. Sneaky little lady.


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