Their Second Choice was "Naughty Newt"

Despite what you may think, "Natty Narwhal" is not the name of Dave Barry's latest rock band. It is in fact a neat and tidy whale. Oh, it's also the name of Cannonical's latest release of their popular linux operating system. That's right, Ubuntu 11.04 Beta is out and it is time to say goodbye to Gnome.
"Unity is now the default Ubuntu desktop session. The Unity has
many new features, including drag and drop re-ordering of launcher
icons, full keyboard navigation support, launcher activation through
keyboard shortcuts, right-click context menu quick-list and switching
between running applications." (link)
Although I'm not thrilled with the new interface, there is at least for the moment the option to install the Classic Gnome during setup. If you find any of this a bit confusing and you want to learn more about the free operating system Ubuntu, go here.


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