Yes, we are really like that

Ok, so that is the last time I try to schedule posts... I promise. Apparently they would have shown up in 2012. Next time we will just go with "I'm out for a few weeks and will be back later. XOXOXOXOXOXO ~cbeck"


(image by and CC-BY-NC-2.5)


  1. Hey 'beck!

    Ah yes, the spark of curiosity that makes us human, and tries it's damnedest to kill us.

    Vive humanité! (Or something like that)


    "They say curiosity killed the cat. But for a while, I was a suspect."

  2. Oh except I think that second one should say, "Scientists and preschoolers"! But actually, most preschoolers probably fall into that first "normal" circle. I always thought the ones that fell into the second circle as lacking impulse control, but perhaps they're only future scientists!

  3. Hey there Indigo! Love the quote. Both the first and the second. :)


    That's an interesting point, Jill! Personally, I used to run into walls head first in preschool... Ah, yes, the future.

  4. There was a period of time when my dad brought my brother and me to school on the back of his motorcycle. So at recess, kids would line up to try on our motorcycle helmets and run full speed into a concrete wall head first! I know...not totally related...but close!

  5. HA! I love this cartoon! I think I'd better forward the link to a couple of scientists I know, immediately. By which I mean, just as soon as I finish stating also I like your approach to your next lengthy(ish--that's a word, right?) absence.

  6. Funny but true! :D Now I'm wondering if I was meant to be a scientist with the kind of curiosity I

  7. Yeah, that's what we're like, alright. Other relevant questions: what would happen if I made someone else do that again and again? That could be a huge project, spanning both physics AND psychology. Although it might already be done. A few times. Cause we're like that.

  8. "Oi" fairly accurately describes it... Long story, but still kicking. One day... ONE DAY I will hit "post" again... and have that thing called "free time"... Sorry I haven't been round lately. But as always, still square. :D



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