Translations for gas station coffee

House Blend- circa 1987. This brew is made from a large supply of coffee grounds that was present in the building when we purchased it.

Breakfast Blend - Same as house blend, however, someone on night-shift made a three-pointer during a rowdy game of do-nut ball. Don't mind the chunks...

Venezuelan Blend – Frank made this coffee. He says he's Latino.

Colombian Blend – Apparently, someone on night shift dumped their stash in this brew to avoid indictment during the last police raid.

Espresso Roast – We have no direct evidence this is actually coffee and not motor oil. All we know is it's been on the warming plate for several days.

High Rev. - A delicate blend of our Espresso Roast and Colombian coffees.

Cappuccino - Same as Espresso Roast, but we added a half pound of powdered creamer.
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  1. I suspect you might be right. But I'll never say it in front of Mister, who is a coffee fanatic XD

  2. Ha!

    What really scares me, be it in a gas station or workplace, is those coffee dispensing machines. Something about lattes from a vending machine has always seemed ... off ... to me.

  3. I do know they have a *groan* 'latte' sugar in them!

    choochoo, I am highly suspect of anyone who claims to be a coffee fanatic, yet has some fondness for gas-station coffees. ;) However, we may need to get together so I can take notes on where Mister is stopping to get his coffee!

  4. That must be why I like the cappuccino best...


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