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long pageThat's right, this page is going to be requiring a lot of scrolling. In case you were not able to make it to Stinson Beach in 2004, has a to-scale model of the solar system up on our very own internets. Starting here with the sun, let your fingers do the walking and get a feel for how big our little spot in the universe really is. Think you can make it to earth before your fingers permanently cramp into "the claw"? If not, you can also find earth here. We at the village are still patiently waiting for the scale-model of the 1235 other earth-like planets.


  1. Welcome back to blogland. Believe it or not, I remembered you from a comment you made on Loose Leaf in 2005. As I counselor, I thought you would enjoy the below.

    My husband, Joe, is a counselor. The other night a friend asked me how he was doing. The conversation went like this:
    He: How’s Joe? Is he practicing?”
    Me: “You mean his martial arts?
    He: “No, I mean counseling. Is he practicing?
    Me: What do you mean practicing? He doesn’t practice; he does it for real.”
    He: “No, I mean practicing, as in ‘does he have a practice?’
    Me: “Oh.” Laugher ensued.

  2. Ha! It's actually my wife that's the counselor - I'll be sure to share this with her as she'll likely get as much of a kick out of it as I did.

    Thanks for stopping by, and Thanks!

  3. Wow! I never realised that the planets had their names in text beneath them in the solar system! The next time there's a clear night I must have a closer look! ;)

  4. Ha! I cracked up on that. Maybe because it was near midnight when I read it, or maybe it's just that funny... But HA!

    (/the things you can learn here)


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