These three things make me very mildly displeased

1) Guest-Bathroom Hand Towels: You know what I'm talking about. They're the size of a dinner napkin and have the absorbency of a single sheet of toilet paper. When you place these in your guest's bathroom, it's like you're telling them, "Here, I'd like you to have moist hands." That makes me wonder if you just have some affinity for moist things, or if you just don't like me. The later I can understand, but the former? That's just creepy. There should never be more than two things in your house that you can describe as moist. One of them is chocolate cake. The other should not be my hands.moist towelette2) Slide Shows: Calling your sweetheart over to look at that "cute picture of the dog" and having it switch over to a picture of her as she gets there is not cool, Mr. Slideshow; not cool.slide show rules3) Blue-Ray and DVD Players: Just once in my life I would like to push the 'eject' button on one of these contraptions and relax in confidence knowing it is going to open. I do not want to push the button; wait, wonder, listen, wait; push the button, see it finally start to open then snap back closed because I just pushed the button again; push it again; wait, wonder, wonder, wait; rip it out of the entertainment console; smash it to the ground and beat it with a baseball bat; wait, wonder, wait, wait; stream a movie from netflix. -This is not my idea of fun.


  1. The word "moist" has now and forever been ruined for me, leading in all cases back to Dead Like Me. :D

  2. That's it! I was sitting there Sunday thinking, I know that little towel grapic needs something... and it was continuing to bug me. From the first episode: "That's delicious, and moist!"

  3. i know i hate that about towels and i never know if its ok to use the soaps. btw,who is tvd? :P

  4. Good call on the soaps. I remember my friends mother yelling at me when I used them one time. In her defense, the pretty little soap-flowers did look more like wet cabbage when I was done, but hey, was I supposed to lick my hands clean?

    Regarding the 'tvd'... normally the village idiot draws the sketches. Apparently this one was done by the village dummy?

  5. At least you didn't say it was a picture of your bitch?

  6. I think I would have gotten my mouth washed out with one of those pretty soaps we were just discussing then spent the rest of my life in the dog kennel.

  7. I am so glad you said that about the dvd's. I was starting to think it was just me. Whenever Mister pushes the button, it does exactly what it's supposed to do. But when it's just me... Ooooh, the evil little effer.

  8. Moist chocolate cake....yummo :-) Too funny Check. I am going to enjoy my visits here.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  9. > choochoo said: I am so glad you said that about the dvd's.
    > when it's just me... Ooooh, the evil little effer.

    My favorite is the new Blu-Ray we have. It has "touchscree" capacitive buttons. So now you also have to wonder, "does it even know I touched it?"

    >> lavenderuses said: Moist chocolate cake....yummo :-) Too funny Check. I am going to
    >> enjoy my visits here.

    Thanks for coming by and "Checking" me out! :)

  10. Oh. I thought you had to press and wait. The baseball bat is a great idea though. I never had all that much luck with the streaming from netflix thing either though. But not being a big movie watcher, I'm usually about ready to throw in the towel on any given movie by the time it freezes up anyway.

  11. "Oh. I thought you had to press and wait."

    You would think so, wouldn't you?

  12. My eyes are fairly moist from this post at the moment. Is that okay?


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