By Removing the Head or Destroying the Brain

The CDC wants YOU to be prepared for the oncoming Zombie Apocalypse. No, seriously. Sure they say if it happens. But we all know it is just a matter of when it happens. Now, despite their best efforts at laying out an action plan, the best course of action is still to take Pete's car, drive over to Mum's, take care of Philip, grab Mum, pick up Liz, go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for it all to blow over. And above all else, remember to not get any red on you.
image via CDC


  1. HA! Both insane and awesome that such a page exists, even if half in jest!

  2. bwaha! Maybe we should have a sit down? :)

  3. Delightful! Unfortunately, I am running dry on quotes... so I will just go with another Yeah Boy!


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