ABC News is Going To Hell

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Friday Funny to bring you this breaking story. According to Dr. Alan E. Kazdin, director of Yale University's Parenting Center and Child Conduct Clinic, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are going through a personal 9/11. As we all take a moment to weep at this travesty, allow me to introduce you to Dr. Kazdin:

(Please Click Pic to Enlarge [CC-BY-NC-SA])

Also, just because you put "Experts Say" in the title of your story, it does not make you any less of a horrible person for using that quote as a sensational tidbit to bolster ratings. Yes I'm talking to you Ms. Susan Donaldson James.

(Update 11:00 AM) Since the time of writing this, ABC News has removed "personal 9/11" from the title of their story and replaced it with "trauma". The quote from Dr. Kazdin is still there, though it's now a little further down in the text.


  1. you'd think someone like him would have a little more sensitivity then to say something like that. I'd hate to go to counseling with him!

  2. Amazing! Once it's out there, though, it's out there.

  3. Ugh, No. Really?! Not cool, dude, not cool.

  4. I'm glad I learned of this via you, and via this method, because my head might have exploded otherwise. ><

  5. I'm glad to be able to provide a buffer. :) Although Dr. Kazdin is presented as the antagonist in this story, my 'outrage' is really most directed at ABC News for the use of this quote as an article head liner. I've been in interview situations before, and know that reporters are experts at getting what they want out of you through a variety of techniques that include redirection (to places nearly opposite of what they indicated they would ask), suggestion, and lulling you into a feeling of having a 'casual conversation'.

    Since this story wasn't picked up by any of the more popular satirical pundits, Dr. Kazdin will probably make it out of this unscathed. For what it's worth - if there are any parents out there concerned, He has indicated that he regrets the comparison and is sorry for making it.

  6. Of course, it is always easy to say sorry when something blows up in your face...

  7. okay...I realize this is seriously off topic here...but I noticed your "wait for it..." and cracked up. so Barney. at least that's who I hope you were mimicking...

  8. *-laughing out loud-* Actually we made that quote our personal catch phrase after an episode of family guy way back - it was either Peter or Stewey, I don't even remember which. But Barney is excellent source material! Legen -wait for it... :)


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