Poking your humerous humerus (Updated to fix APA link)

Mental Health Blog Party BadgeThe 18th of May marks the day of the official Mental Health Blog Party. Which is tomorrow, today, or sometime way in the past, depending on when you are reading this. To do my part, we below share good humor in the form of my favorite jokes.

Q: How do you make Holy water?
A: Get 1 Cup water, boil the hell out of it.

Q: Why was the village idiot at the zoo tugging on a cheetah?
A: He's always trying to pull a fast one.

I once sent ten of my favorite puns to my friends hoping to get a few laughs. The end result? No pun in ten did.

These two guys walked into a bar. You would think at least the second guy would've ducked.

Q: What's blue and fluffy?
A: Blue fluff

Now see, doesn't your mental feel healthier already? If these didn't suit your fancy, you may want to click over to the Candid Counselor for her contribution to the blog party, or visit the APA Party Page to browse others.


  1. The village idiot one is priceless, and has already been posted as my Facebook status.

    I am still giggling. Thanks!

  2. I'm quite fond of that one too, though "blue fluff" is my all-time favorite... :)

  3. I love the 'how you get holy water' one! :)

  4. I first heard that one in a sermon, believe it or not...

  5. I had to share "no pun in ten did." That's stunning.

  6. Glad you liked it, and thanks for stopping by!


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