May is for mental health

Despite a heated argument in which I carefully laid out my points, counter-points, and cross-stitches, Dr. Becker insists that your score on the stoopid test is not an accurate assessment of learning disabilities. To prove me wrong, she wrote a very smart post delineating just what learning disabilities actually are. And no, we at The Village do not know what "delineating" means. But we saw it on a comment from that post and thought it sounded very smart. In related news, May is Mental Health Month. So do your brain some good and think about how to unwind. And though the light tone, we here do take mental health seriously. Seriously.
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  1. Happy Mental Health Month!!!! I think taking mental health seriously yet with a light tone is an excellent strategy.

    By the way, where are the other eight years? The all about thing says "this site's inception nearly eight years ago" but there are only archives from this year? (not that I'm really complaining since I haven't even finished them).

  2. Ah... good point about the other eight years. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you do not pay your server bill for a few years. I did recently get a server dump, but as far as I can tell, "server dump" is actually very descriptive of the process. I need to locally install a "mysql" and an "apache" to get it back to something human readable. As I don't really know any American Indians, I don't foresee this happening real soon.

    Thanks for the catch though, I added a note to my faqs. And thanks for stopping by!


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