Woman tattoos 152 FaceBook Friends onto her arm, asks politely that no one "unfriend" her

crazy facebook tattoo for face book
And somewhere out there is a person wishing they hadn't posted that drunken, half-naked picture as their profile pic.  Could we chalk this up as a good way for using Facebook to boost your self esteem?  Or maybe the self esteem of others?  Hey, whatever works for you.  Get the full story on YouTube.  And kids, don't try this at home.
image via YouTube screen cap, fair use protected


  1. I think, this one time, I'll pass on the full story and leave my understanding with what I could glean from your synopsis. :D

  2. This actually reminds me of a guy I know. I used to work at a bar, and there was a dude with a tattoo that said "For my Lady Love" and underneath were about a dozen names all crossed out! He said his tattoo artist gave him the lines for free!

  3. what will he do if someone unfriends him? I would never do this. I'm prettier than most of my friends, I am. I'd rather just tatoo lots of pictures of myself. OR better yet, of my dog. Of me and my dog!

  4. Lol. I will pay you to get 152 pictures of you and your dog tattooed onto your arm.

  5. odiofabrifibra- That name is a mouthful. The evil side of me thinks it would be simply hilarious if someone deleted her. Maybe she would put a big red X?

    And welcome to The Village.

    Deb- Aw, but you're really missing out! Sure I can't twist your arm?

    M.- soo... he was offing her enemies? I hope his "lady love" doesn't turn out to be his mother.

  6. i am very disturbed. usually, that does not bother me because i like weird stuff, but this...this is maybe too much.

  7. I saw that! Its totally random. Whats really sad is because they are all so small by the time she's 60/70 they will start mushing together! So sad. :-(

  8. Well, maybe gravity will help keep it real if no one gets a face lift...?

    Elizabeth, I am right there with you.

  9. That's supreme optimism, isn't it, hoping that nobody will unfriend her? Oh and what joy that someone's used all those pics... kinda poetic justice for the facebook generation! (With apologies, of course, to the Facebook generation!) ;)

  10. Oh, but have you seen some of the poetry on Facebook pages? I'm sure there's some good stuff out there and all... I'm sure there is...

  11. Oooo that is taking things a little too far. A conservative kind like me would think twice about even a single tattoo. But this maniac, tattoos display pics of all her Facebook friends on her arm. Ridiculous. Now what if one of them were to change their pic?

    Kevin Rudd


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