Good Dads Have Sticky Fingers, Dirty Mouths, and Happy Bellys

Father's Day is a time for most to celebrate their fathers.  Or, if you happen to be a father, a time to sit back and soak up the free socks, ties, and strange gadgets that you might only use in the event of a nucular holocaust (for example; clean underpants).

Of course, it's also a time when the man of the house gets to choose the restaurant - entailing careful selection of the closest all-you-can-eat buffet serving alcohol during lunch hours (AKA, "The Jimmy Buffet").  After consuming four times the gross national product of the entire Caribbean, Fathers everywhere can sink back into their couch, mutter "Pull mah finger", and watch meaningless analysis of meaningless Baseball games on Sports Center.  (Seriously, just watch the umpires - even they don't care yet.)

I recently had the opportunity to celebrate Father's Day with the "In-Laws".  Even though that sounds like it would be great fodder for developing homicidal tendencies a few good laughs,  it was actually a pleasant experience.  And that's not all!  I discovered the best thing on this planet: Wrigley's Key-freakin-Lime Chewing Gum.  It is a little blast of pie heaven that cleans your teeth while you chew!  I'm pretty sure their motto is "We're like scrubbing bubbles for your mouth." Sure, the flavour only lasts through two and a half chews before turning into something that tastes like bland industrial cleaner... But those chews are totally worth it.  Now pull my finger!

title was blatantly stolen adapted from Melinda's Post


  1. Glad you had a good father's day, key lime pie & all! Around here, my mother in law picked the restaurant. I don't know why. But my guy liked it. It was food, which is both of our favorites.

  2. "It was food, which is both of our favorites"

    Hahaha. Mine too! And thank you.

  3. that's like winning the lotto...not having in-laws that make you want to stab someone. =)

  4. Indeed. I could not say one bad thing about them. Nope.


  5. That does sound like a great Father's day, and you didn't even need to use the ties as garrotes. So, your in-laws found the blog?

  6. The title sounded So this is the father's version of Melinda's post. At least you spent the day with your family. Unlike me, was not able to go home to my parents and celebrate with my dad due to work :(

  7. Key Lime flavored gum?! It's like I'm back in Japan!

    Hey, at least they didn't have natto flavored gum . . . !

  8. Hmmm... Nato flavored gum sounds interesting. I will have to give that some consideration if ever in Japan.

  9. >> M. Hicks said: "So, your in-laws found the blog?"

    You can never be sure. :) They really are delightful, though.

    >> Calli said: "So this is the father's version of Melinda's post."

    Hmm... I supose so; only with worse grammar, very little thought put into the content, and inferior graphics. :)

    Sorry to hear work is being a pain. It's been sticking it to me a lot lately too.

  10. Those adjectives fit really well to describe my dad haha! I know it's late but happy father's day :)

    @cbeck - are you kidding me? your grammar is good and you have great humor :)


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