Feeding you the wrong food

Note, if you've been seeing articles in your RSS reader that look like they belong to someone you have followed, but it turns out these articles are from a different site: Be aware there is a google and/or feedburner issue that is affecting many feeds. This will hopefully be resolved in the near future.


  1. thumbs down. i have enough trouble with technology as is. any little issue makes me even more unable to do anything...

  2. No kidding! I've been glad I have not been affected with this yet. I am still not sure how wide spread it is, but so far only isolated reports are still coming in on Google's forums. No mass crazy yet! :)

  3. Cool blog, pal! followed, MC-hammer style!!!

  4. Thank you. I checked yours out too, and looks like you've got a good thing going. Clean content, a great message, and excellent taste in music. ;)

  5. Ah, so there's an upside to having no method to my blogreading madness. I didn't know being disorganized and relying on my not so great memory had a benefit.

  6. You approach is very similar to mine. :) Especially the "not so great memory" part!

  7. Hi Chris

    I have commentluv commenting system. Some people have upgraded to their new version and it keeps sayint they can't find my feed! I have no idea how to sort it so will be asking one of my techie friends what to do.

    didn't know other people were having trouble with their feeds too!

    Patricia Perth Australia

  8. Yes, I've been having the same issue over at Melinda's page. I think this might be an issue on Comluv's end though... But not sure.

    And, uggh, I know I still owe you an email. Very soon I am going to remember to send it! Sorry about that. Is lavender good for ADD, do you think? :)


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