Critters: Charades Buzz Kill

shared via Creative Commons License (BY-NC-SA-3.0)


  1. Oh! I just found the little hover-y over-y captions! I missed that on the stick figure guy! Funny!

  2. So that's what they're playing at just before I whack them!

  3. Hey 'beck! Ha, gross! I try to usher them outside, but FREE WILLY just isn't as funny. Indigo

  4. I love your critters drawings! They're whimsical with just the right amount of humor :)

  5. Poor little fly. :-( They should have played Apples to Apples!

  6. Hey Jill! I'm glad someone else discovered those!

    Actually Val, I hear they sometimes play solitaire... so it can be a toss up. The important thing is that we smack em, right! :)

    Hi there Indigo! Free willy do you say? What's that got to do with Fl... Oh I see what you're getting at, I see... HA!

    Hi J.S., and welcome to the Village! Thank you much for the compliment and for stopping by! I hope to return the visit soon. Cheers!


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