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Cbeck is a Research Scientist that enjoys playing guitar, reading books, and spending time with his family. Even the vicious little dog. Staying abreast of trends in social psychology and technology are persistent hobbies, despite his lack of expertise in these areas. The former of those hobbies has been developed thanks to fascinating conversations with his wife, who is a professional counselor. Cbeck also has a problem with referring to himself in the third-person and the plural tense. His wife is working on him with that. We are also not sure if "plural" actually is a tense or not.


  1. Third person referral is ok. Most people think it conveys arrogance; I think it does the opposite. Better than I, I, I, me, me, me, my pants, my pants, my pants.

    And plural doesn't need to be a tense. It just needs to be.

  2. Indeed, the web definitely needs fewer folks talking about their pants. for example, a search of "pants site:blogspot.com" yielded >46 million hits. That is too much talk about pants.

    From here on out, my plurals will simply be. Unless, of course, I am putting on a pair of pants.

  3. Plural may not be a tense, but your wife will tell you that Plural can be tense. Sometimes, too, it can be dense. Or immense. Or whatever.

  4. ...sitting on the fence, while eating nonsense
    thinking of ex-inlaws-to-be, hence
    always plurals having future- and past-tense!

    That was fun! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Great blog cbeck and thank you for commenting on my site. I am a die hard WordPress guy. I'm referring to one of your posts I read about your blog showing. I'm glad I didn't choose blogger.com!

  6. Hey Tom! My my, posting the dates on comments makes it impossible for me to think you just slipped in over the last few days. I really need to keep an eye on these pages better!

    Thank you too for stopping by here and having a look around. Cheers~

  7. whoa you're back. randomly clicked on a comment you left on my blog and oh look, the link is alive!

    we are glad. we are the collective.

    1. :D

      Sigh. I was gone again by the time you said I was gone... but this time I WILL NOT STAY DOWN!

      And thanks for stopping by...

    2. Whoa....... while gone, somebody up and put an indented reply system on me comments... trippy. I like it alot.


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