The Census

Sites listed under "The Census" are web sites I have come across and enjoyed. Inclusion in this list in no way indicates endorsement of The Village or any content therein (or vice versa). The "Picture Links" below the census are small businesses or creative endeavors that The Village is enthusiastic about. They are not paid advertisements. If you find your website linked somewhere on The Village and wish to be removed or linked with an alternate graphic, please let me know.

*Please note, "The Census" is not meant to be an exclusive list. If I've commented on your site or visited you, that means I found something there that I felt was worth it. Also, I'm very forgetful/scatterbrained and behind in updating the list. AND I have only been able to update it successfully twice now. It took me close to a dozen tries to add a link to this page. That link widget gives me fits. Cheers~

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